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Sustainable Places 2023 – Joint Workshop of InCUBE, REHOUSE, D^2EPC, SmartLivingEPC, CHRONICLE and EPC RECAST projects

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Sustainable Places is an annual international conference that brings together researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers to discuss and showcase the latest advancements in sustainable building and urban planning. For its 11th annual edition, the Sustainable Places conference took place in Madrid, Spain from June 14th to June 16th, 2023.

EPC RECAST, in collaboration with InCUBE, REHOUSE, D^2EPC, CHRONICLE, and SmartLivingEPC, co-organized a workshop titled “Digitalization of Energy Performance Assessment to Enable Retrofits”. The workshop held on the 15th of June was articulated into two parts:

  • The first part focused on Digitalizing the Energy Performance Assessment: this session started with the presentations of D^2EPC, EPC RECAST and SmartLivingEPC. EPC RECAST’s presentation: ‘ Digital toolbox enhancing the performance assessment and certification process for building retrofits’ was presented by Sarah Noyé. 
  • The second part focused on the Digitalisation of the renovation process: during this session, InCUBE and REHOUSE provided their presentations on digitalization and innovation to accelerate the EU building renovation rate.


The workshop ended with a round table discussion on “Digitalization as a support tool for the energy efficiency improvement in the renovation process”.


List of presenters:

Christos Malavazos HYPERTECH (HSRT) CHRONICLE c.malavazos@hypertech.g
Paris Fokaides FRC SmartLivingEPC Eng.fp@frederick.ac.cy
Daniel Galera Alquegui CIRCE InCUBE dgalera@fcirce.es
Javier Antolín CARTIF REHOUSE javant@cartif.es
Nikos Katsaros CERTH D^2EPC nkatsaros@iti.gr
Sarah Noyé TECNALIA EPC RECAST sarah.noye@tecnalia.com


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