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EPC assessors

To support professional EPC assessors, EPC RECAST is developing an interoperable modelling and calculation toolbox, which integrates existing and proven technology components provided by the EPC RECAST team members into a Common Data Environment (CDE). The aim of the toolbox is on one hand to facilitate the demonstration of the validity of the EPC RECAST methodology on the pilot sites (6 different European countries) and on the other hand to provide the technical pillars for the EPC RECAST deployment at EU level.

Common Data Environment

Semantic interoperability between modules are defined resulting in a CDE, developing the path between real world data acquisition, and presentation of results and recommendations for end users and professionals. The communication between the modules in the framework will be based in the IFC standard data model, a BIM open and standard data model. The architecture and the development of the EPC RECAST platform is to be divided in three main layers, each offering a specific purpose and functionalities.

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