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What is the project about?

EPC RECAST is focused on the cross-exploitation of building expert knowledge, international standards for the assessment of building energy performance (ISO/CEN, Mandate M/480), smart building technology, available digital BIM technologies and workflows, data sets and inverse modelling. EPC RECAST’s offers a significant contribution to the harmonization of the 28+ different approaches and EPC comparability over the EU.

  1. To consolidate, disseminate and raise policy support for an innovative and efficient methodology for the assessment of building performance which will underpin a new generation of EPC:

    the approach will rely on both building intrinsic performances and output-based assessments exploiting available building energy related data, will connect with smart-readiness assessment, and will go beyond energy to include CO2 reduction, comfort, indoor air quality, and health-related indicators

  2. To integrate a full cloud system prototype enabling the implementation of the EPC RECAST methodology

    consolidated in objective 1: the prototype will be formed by proven Technology Components including a BIM modelling service (image processing based), consistency checkers, energy-related measured data pre-processing and analysis, inverse modelling (i.e. data-driven), calibration capabilities, classification and uncertainty analysis. It will connect to smart meters and building passports when available

  3. To co-design with building owners/tenants and EPC assessors the user-centred, user-friendly, building specific energy performance assessment and certification outputs,

    facilitating the overall process (EPC assessor) and journey (building owners/tenants), raising awareness, leading to improved clarity of EPC results, increased building performance literacy of homeowners, specific and pragmatic recommendations and investments, pathways in energy retrofitting actions

  4. To conduct and demonstrate the EPC RECAST methodology and its supporting cloud system prototype in 6 EU countries

    (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, and Luxembourg) and to draw lessons learnt from these experiments for further EU-wide deployment

  5. To validate that EPC RECAST offers cost-effective improved EPCs

    in terms of reliability, user friendliness and enhanced user awareness; and to evaluate its potential in terms of generated primary energy savings, avoided CO2 emissions, savings on energy bills, and stimulated energy retrofitting interventions

  6. To contribute through the EPC RECAST methodology and protocol to an improved comparability and reliability of existing buildings energy performance:

    currently a crucial issue of EPC schemes in order to set the ground for the development of innovative financing and public policies instruments

  7. To involve the key EPC scheme stakeholders

    (policy and decision-makers formed by public / local authorities, energy agencies, certification bodies and industrial stakeholders) throughout all phases of the project to make sure that EPC RECAST results will be reflected in future policies and legislations and will generate a strong impact

  8. To disseminate data evidence of the improved EPC quality

    to the widest possible audience while focusing on the most relevant stakeholders to support future exploitation of project results, and to collaborate with sister-projects for knowledge cross-fertilization

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