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Discover the Power of BIMEO App within EPC RECAST Toolkit!

Are you acquainted with the BIMEO app? It stands as a pivotal element within the comprehensive EPC RECAST toolkit, playing a vital role in data input processes.

EPC RECAST has been diligently crafting an interoperable modeling and calculation toolbox. This innovative toolkit seamlessly integrates proven technology components sourced from the expertise of EPC RECAST team members into a unified Common Data Environment (CDE). Its primary goals are twofold: to validate the EPC RECAST methodology across diverse pilot sites in six European countries and to establish the technical framework for widespread EPC RECAST deployment throughout the EU.

Among these components, BIMEO holds a crucial position due to its user-friendly nature and indispensable functionality! To assist our users in mastering this integral tool, we’ve developed a comprehensive series of instructional videos. These videos serve as a guiding light, enabling seamless navigation and utilization of the BIMEO app.

Explore these videos and unlock the full potential of BIMEO within the EPC RECAST toolkit!

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