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New generation Energy Performance Certificate: Application in the first Italian case study as an EU proof of concept

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Figure I

Our project partner POLIMI applied the new generation Energy Performance Certificate to a real case study as a proof of concept.

The EPC RECAST methodology has been tested, as part of the EPC RECAST verification approach, in 15 Pilot in Italy, including the apartment below located in Lecco (North of Italy, in Lombardy region) (Fig.1).

Figure II


The verification methodology is based on four main steps (fig 2):

  1. Site inspection preparation,
  2. On-site data collection
  3. In-office modelling and calibration
  4. EPC and Renovation Roadmap creation and delivery

During the on-site visit, the Lidar technology throughout BIMEO application has been tested and the data compared to the real geometrical data.


The tested building is monitored using a combination of sensor for collecting: thermal (heating, cooling and domestic hot water) and electrical energy, indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity. The measured data has been aggregated at monthly/yearly basis and compared with the calculation made according to the national valid EPC procedure and the procedure developed in the project.


The figure below highlights measured and calculated energy for the pilot building in Italy (Fig 3). Due to the real operational and the specific climatic conditions of Lecco, the real energy consumption (40.76 kWh/m2y) differ from the calculated energy displayed into the National Valid Certificate (131.54 kWh/m2y).

Moreover, the real data shows as, in buildings where electricity is the energy vector for cooking,  the share of the electric energy is close to 50% of the total.

The verification approach proved that the site-specific climatic conditions and the real user behaviour can lead to a differences between measured and calculated energy.

Figure III

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