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Policy Advisory Board and Stakeholder Mirror Group meet in Brussels to discuss EPC RECAST outcomes

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EPC RECAST Project Hosts Final Stakeholder Event to Gather Critical Feedback

As the EPC RECAST project approaches its conclusion in June, we hosted a pivotal event designed to gather valuable feedback from EU and national-level stakeholders. This event took place on Friday, May 24th, from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM, and was an insightful culmination of our project’s efforts.

Background and Support

Since the project’s inception, many industry organisations, provided a letter of support and participated actively in our Stakeholder Mirror Group and Policy Advisory Group meetings. Their involvement was instrumental in guiding our project’s direction and ensuring alignment with broader policy objectives.

Importance of Stakeholder Feedback

The feedback from this event was crucial as it directly influenced our final steps and helped refine our recommendations for an EU-wide framework for the next-generation Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). We aimed to ensure that our findings and tools are not only innovative but also practical and beneficial for broad implementation.

After the event, we asked our stakeholders to answer some questions about the EPC RECAST project, here are the full interviews.

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